Becoming a Millionaire in 35 Days

The first crowdfunded Millionaire project in Kickstarter

Imagine yourself having dinner, pitching your own business idea or who knows…marrying a young and ambitious Millionaire?

But the question is, do you know one?

My ambition is to be the first crowdfunded Millionaire in the world. What a creative guy! He says “The world has more than 7.382.997.250 humans and I just need a help of 0,01% of them. Really easy, right?” 

I want founder of a Kickstarter project that will bring to life the book "How I Became a Millionaire in 35 Days". All the backstage stories, how it became real and what changed in my life after this project.

Now it's your time. Your time to be part of history. No matter what your pledge is, your name will be printed in the book and all the world will know that you’re crazy enough to turn a common person into a Millionaire!

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