Covid-19 Flags

We are bombarded with covid data on a daily basis it is hard to stop thinking about it. Wherever we are we get to know the numbers of infected and victims updated almost by the minute. Unconsciously we are always thinking about how we can help and how we can communicate what we are going through. Being this pandemic a global evil we are constantly comparing data between countries.
After reading another CNN article about the rapid evolution of infected people in the United States I noticed an image of a flag that was associated with that article. I did a little research and started to analyze more flags of different countries. Quickly I realized that the great majority of the flags ware composed by bars like a graphic bar. It seemed to me a logical and very good association to adapt what we most see nowadays (numbers) with what people most recognize of their country (flag) and I started to draw at that same moment.

The big goal was to transform the numbers into something that you can see and understand what it is. How these numbers make/transform a country, transforming the symbol that everyone knows and identifies with, their own flag. 

Highlighted worldwide by ACT. Responsible, in a selection of 62 campaigns with the "Ad for good"

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